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is lilt vegan

Is Lilt Vegan in the UK? A Deep Dive into the Fruity Fizz

Ah, Lilt. The effervescent pineapple and grapefruit beverage that graced British lunchboxes and picnics for decades. But for those following a vegan lifestyle, a burning question arises: is Lilt vegan in the UK? Buckle up, beverage detectives, because we’re about to dive deep into the fruity fizz and uncover the truth.

Dietarix on the Case:

At Dietarix, we’re passionate about helping people make informed choices about their food and drinks, especially when it comes to navigating the sometimes murky world of vegan ingredients. So, we donned our metaphorical lab coats and cracked open a can of Lilt (well, metaphorically, for research purposes, of course!).

Is Lilt Vegan

The Ingredient Lineup:

Let’s dissect the is lilt vegan label, shall we? Here’s the usual suspect list:

Carbonated water: The bubbly base, all good here.

Sugar: Provides the sweetness, also vegan-friendly.

Citric acid: Adds a tangy twist, and yep, plant-based.

Natural flavorings: The juicy heart of Lilt’s flavor, and typically derived from plants.

Grapefruit juice concentrate: Straight from the citrus groves, vegan approved.

Beta-carotene: Now, here’s where things get interesting. This orange pigment is often used for coloring, and in Lilt’s case, it comes with a fishy twist.

The Fishy Plot Twist:

Brace yourselves, because the not-so-secret ingredient in is lilt vegan that throws a wrench in the vegan party is fish gelatine. Yep, you read that right. This thickening agent, derived from fish bones and cartilage, is the unwelcome guest at the vegan Lilt gathering.

Why Fish Gelatine?

The use of fish gelatine in is lilt vegan might seem baffling, especially considering Coca-Cola, its parent company, boasts a largely vegan-friendly beverage portfolio. The reason, according to Coca-Cola, is to achieve a specific color and mouth feel in Lilt. Apparently, plant-based alternatives just don’t quite cut it.

The Vegan Verdict:

With the fishy culprit exposed, the verdict is clear: is lilt vegan, in its current form, is not vegan in the UK. This applies to both the original Lilt and the recently rebranded Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit, as the recipe and ingredients remain unchanged.

Fanta-stic Alternatives for Vegans:

But fear not, fruit-loving friends! The world of vegan beverages is brimming with delicious options. Here are a few Lilt-esque alternatives to tantalize your taste buds:

Fanta Zero Pineapple & Grapefruit: Same flavor profile as Lilt, but without the sugar or animal ingredients.

Schweppes Lemon & Lime Soda: A citrusy classic with a satisfying fizz.

Innocent Grapefruit & Passion fruit Juice: Bursting with natural fruitiness, no nastiest included.

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale: Spicy and refreshing, perfect for those who like a bit of zing.

Is Lilt Vegan

The Future of Lilt?

The question remains: will Lilt ever get a vegan makeover? Only Coca-Cola knows for sure. But with the growing demand for plant-based options, who knows, maybe one day the Lilt man will be doing his rounds with a vegan-friendly can in hand. Until then, vegans can explore the plethora of delicious alternatives and let their taste buds do the talking.


Always check the ingredients label before purchasing any beverage, especially if you’re following a vegan diet.

There are plenty of fantastic vegan beverage options available, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your new favorites.

Support companies that are committed to offering diverse and inclusive food and drink choices.

With a little detective work and a dash of curiosity, you can navigate the world of vegan-friendly beverages like a pro. So, raise a glass (of something plant-based, of course!) to informed choices and delicious discoveries!


Lilt in its current form, due to the presence of fish gelatine, is unfortunately not vegan-friendly in the UK. While this may be disappointing for fans of the classic beverage, it’s important for vegans to prioritize their values and seek out alternative drinks. Luckily, the world of vegan beverages is bountiful, offering fantastic substitutes like Fanta Zero Pineapple & Grapefruit, Schweppes Lemon & Lime Soda, and many more. Ultimately, the future of Lilt as a vegan-friendly option remains uncertain. However, with the rising demand for plant-based alternatives, there’s hope that one day the Lilt man will return with a can suitable for all palates. Remember, careful label reading and exploration of available options are key for vegans navigating the beverage landscape. So, chin up, raise a glass of your favorite plant-based fizz, and celebrate informed choices and delicious discoveries!

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