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lidl low calorie ice cream

About lidl low calorie ice cream

Lidl, the European supermarket giant, has taken the frozen aisle by storm with its Gelatelli range of lidl low calorie ice cream. But how do these sweet treats stack up nutritionally? Dietarix, your one-stop shop for all things diet and health, is here to scoop the truth.

Low-Calorie Claims: Fact or Fiction?

Lidl boasts that their Gelatelli tubs contain around 170-180 calories per 100ml, significantly lower than many traditional ice creams. This translates to roughly 340-360 calories per 450ml tub, a tempting option for calorie-conscious consumers. But is it all sunshine and sprinkles?

Lidl Low Calorie Ice Cream

The Good: Protein Power and Fiber Friends

Dietarix cheers for the protein content in some Gelatelli flavors. The High Protein Mint Chocolate Chip, for example, packs a cool 20g of protein per tub, making it a post-workout treat or a guilt-free snack to curb cravings. Additionally, some flavors like Salted Caramel boast a decent amount of dietary fiber (around 14g per tub), aiding digestion and promoting satiety.

The Not-So-Good: Sugar Spree and Sneaky Sat Fat

While the lidl low calorie ice cream count is lower, the sugar content in most Gelatelli flavors is still high, often exceeding 30g per tub. This can be a significant concern for those managing blood sugar levels or aiming for a low-sugar diet. Furthermore, some flavors like Chocolate Brownie have surprisingly high saturated fat content, reaching up to 7.6g per tub. Excessive saturated fat intake can raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease.

Beyond the Numbers: Understanding Ingredients

Dietarix emphasizes the importance of looking beyond just calorie counts and macronutrients. Scrutinize the ingredient list to understand what’s truly going into your frozen treat. Artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and thickeners may contribute to digestive issues in some individuals. Opt for flavors with recognizable, whole-food ingredients like milk, cream, and natural sweeteners like stevia whenever possible.

Dietarix Verdict: A Cautious Indulgence

Lidl’s Gelatelli range offers a lower-calorie alternative to lidl low calorie ice cream, but it’s not a free-for-all. Enjoy them occasionally as a pleasure, but in moderation but prioritize whole-food sources of protein and fiber for a truly balanced diet. Remember, portion control is key – a 100ml scoop is a more mindful indulgence than polishing off the entire tub.

Lidl Low Calorie Ice Cream

Dietarix Tips for Smart Scooping:

Compare flavors: Choose options with lower sugar and saturated fat content.

Mind your portions: Stick to a single scoop or pre-portion individual servings.

Pair with protein and fiber: Add berries, nuts, or a sprinkle of granola for a more balanced treat.

Consider alternatives: Frozen yogurt, sorbet, or homemade lidl low calorie ice cream with natural sweeteners can be refreshing and guilt-free options.

Lidl’s Gelatelli range is a welcome addition to the low-calorie ice cream scene, but remembers, it’s still a processed food. Prioritize whole-food sources of nutrients and enjoy these frozen treats in moderation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Let Dietarix be your guide to navigating the world of food and nutrition. We’ll help you make informed choices and savor every delicious bite, guilt-free!


Lidl’s Gelatelli range offers a tempting lower-cal ice cream option, but Dietarix advises approaching it with a cautious spoon. While the lidl low calorie ice cream count is lower than traditional scoops, sugar content can still be high, and saturated fat lurks in some flavors.

The protein punch in some options and the fiber boost in others are commendable, but prioritizing whole food sources of these nutrients remains key. Remember, portion control is essential – savor a single scoop, not the whole tub.

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