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how much does a tiger weight

How Much Does a Tiger Weigh?

Tigers are the largest cats in the world, and they can weigh a lot! An adult male tiger’s typical weight is between 400 and 550 pounds (180 to 250 kg). Females are typically smaller, weighing between 265 and 370 pounds (120 to 170 kg). However, there is some variation in weight depending on the subspecies of tiger.

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Here is a table of the average weights of different tiger subspecies

How Much Does a Tiger Weigh? Subspecies Average Male Weight (lbs) Average Female Weight (lbs)

Amur tiger       660      370

Bengal tiger     580      265

Indochinese tiger        430      220

Malayan tiger  310      190

Sumatran tiger 330      180

As you can see, Amur tigers are the largest subspecies of tiger, and they can weigh up to 660 pounds (300 kg)!

Tigers are apex predators, which mean they are at the top of the food chain. They prey on a variety of animals, including deer, wild boar, and cattle. Their large size and powerful muscles help them to catch and kill their prey.

In addition to their weight, tigers are also very tall. The average height of an adult male tiger is between 80 and 110 centimeters (31 to 43 inches). Females are typically a little shorter, standing between 70 and 90 centimeters (27 to 35 inches) tall.

Tigers are beautiful and powerful animals, and they are an important part of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are also endangered. Poaching and habitat loss have led to a decline in the tiger population. It is important to protect these animals so that future generations can enjoy them.

Dietarix is a company that is committed to helping protect tigers. They donate a portion of their proceeds to tiger conservation organizations. You can learn more about Dietarix and their work to protect tigers at their website:

In addition to donating to conservation organizations, there are other things you can do to help tigers. You can avoid buying products that contain tiger parts, such as tiger fur and tiger bone wine. You can also educate others about the importance of tiger conservation.

By taking action, we can help guarantee that tigers will be able to roam the planet for many more years.


How Much Does a Tiger Weigh? Tigers are majestic creatures that are an integral part of the world’s ecosystem. Their impressive size and powerful presence command awe and respect. However, these magnificent animals face grave threats due to poaching and habitat loss. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard these endangered species and ensure their continued existence.

By supporting organizations like Dietarix, which actively contribute to tiger conservation efforts, we can make a meaningful difference in their survival. We can also play a crucial role by educating ourselves and others about the plight of tigers and the importance of their protection.

Together, we can work towards a future where tigers roam freely, their majestic presence enriching our planet for generations to come.

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