Amazing benefits of poppy seed (khashkhash)

Amazing benefits of poppy seed (khashkhash)

What is a khashkhash?

Poppy seed or Khashkhash is an oil seed obtained from the opium poppy, which is a flowering plant. Sesame seeds are small, black kidney-shaped seeds abundantly found in Turkey, where they make up around 42.4% of the global production. They are known for their crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor. Anyone can use it except those who are allergic to their seeds. Poppy seeds may easily be purchased in supermarkets or on baked products.

Amazing benefits of poppy seed (khashkhash)

Variety of poppy seed:

There are three types of poppy seeds found from south asia to africa.

  • White poppy seed:

It is also called asian or indian poppy seeds. It is mainly used in cuisines.

  • Blue poppy seed:

It is also called european poppy seeds. It is used mainly in bread and confectionery items.

  • Oriental poppy seed:

It is also called opium poppy seeds.

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Nutritional values of poppy seed (khashkhash):

Khashkhash contains minerals vitamins, and, essential components which are very important for maintaining a healthy body. According to the us department of agriculture, the list of various minerals, vitamins, and, essential components which are present in 100g of khashkhash are as under;


  • Sodium (na) = 26 mg/100
  • Potassium (k) =719 mg/100
  • Calcium (ca) = 143 mg/100
  • Magnesium (mg) =86/100
  • Iron(fe)=9.76mg/100
  • Phosphorus(p)=870mg/100
  • Calories=525
  • Energy=525


  • Vitamin c=1mg/100
  • Vitamin e=1.77mg/100
  • Folate =82 microgram/100
  • Niacin= 0.896 mg/100
  • Pyridoxine =0.247mg/100
  • Riboflavin =0.100mg/100
  • Thiamin= 0.854mg/100
  • Essential component;
  • Protein = 18 g/100
  • Total fat = 42 g/100
  • Cholesterol = 0 g/10itarbohydrates = 28 g/100
  • Fiber = 19.5 g/100

Benefits of khashkhash:

Khashkhash is a dose of minerals, multivitamins, and important dietary components because of this fact khaskhash possesses various benefits which are briefly described as under;

  1. Treat heart disease:

They consist of vital fatty acids like linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid. Use wisely because excessive omega-6 fatty acids harm your health. Eating too much junk food and oily food causes many diseases. Among these diseases heart problems are more pronounced. Healthy food is also required along with medication. In this regard, it reduces your low lipoprotein level and increases your high lipoprotein level. Furthermore, it also contains iron which helps in purifying your blood and improving your blood circulation. Don’t use in excess quantities because anything in excess harms your body. Also, consult with your doctor for a better prognosis.

  • Help in weight loss:

We all know that there is no shortcut to reducing weight but there are many home remedies that make you slim and smart faster. Poppy seeds you to get rid of obesity. It can efficiently decrease your weight as it is rich in fiber. It improves your digestion which helps to fast fat burn and stop you from eating. It also helps in absorption of nutrients. You simply crush their seeds and add them to your meals and get benefits from them.

  • Treat constipation:

If anybody is constipated, make sure to take khashkhash every night before sleeping. It increases the bulk of your stool and effectively treats constipation. Khaskhash has a mechanical action as it passes through the colon, it keeps removing all of the extra fecal that accumulates in our colon, over time due to all the waste that becomes lodged there. Patients have easily loosened the feces on their colon wall, and assists you in getting rid of constipation.

  • Aids in diabetic patient:

Diabetic patients also benefit from khaskhash, as it contains manganese in their seed. When we take poppy seeds in diabetic quantity, and at the right time, it improves  metabolic rate and makes you healthy. Their seeds are very effective for patient type 2 as well as type 1 diabetes. Their seeds also control your sugar level very neatly. In addition to this, also consult with your nutritionist or your doctor for a speedy recovery.

  • Maintain cholesterol level:

As poppy seeds contain oleic acid, it keeps your blood pressure upto normal. A good source of fiber is poppy seed. There is a close relation of fiber and cholesterol level which help to reduce plaque formation and improve your blood circulation. It helps your liver to function properly. It helps in lessening the load of the liver.

6-improves immunity

  at the present time, the world is full of contaminated air ,water and food. We must add certain foods in our diet which help to strengthen our immunity. Khaskhash has a rich source of iron, protein, vitamin a, vitamin k, fibers, manganese and oleic acid therefore, it plays a huge role in immunity, coughs, sore throats or respiratory infections.  Soak 1 teaspoon in water, yogurt, or in honey overnight . Add some lemon and ginger which help to fight against infection .

In the morning ,drink this solution of khashkhash on an empty stomach. It usually acts as mild sedatives or helps to calm your crying babies. It works as a good tonic for those who are suffering from infections because it contains zinc which has antiviral activity.

7-improve fertility:

Poppy seeds have a magical effect on improving fertility. Poppy seeds remove the mucus from the uterine tube and help to conceive. It also develops sexual desire. We should also use poppy seed during pregnancy as it contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids, which help the baby’s brain development. Don’t use it in the third trimester as it contains opiates such as codeine, which can harm your fetus.

 8- treat skin problems:

Poppy seeds act as antioxidants, so they help to reduce many skin diseases, inflammation, and skin health. It contains a high quantity of linoleic acid, which is used for the treatment of burns, eczema, and itching. It makes your skin clear and much glower than before. Use their oil in the injured part of your skin twice a day.

Best time to take khaskhash:

Poppy seeds have many benefits, but they must be taken at the right time. The best time is to take the poppy seeds in an empty stomach. Poppy seeds should be soaked in water or milk for a minimum of two to three hours.

Best uptake amount of khashkhash:

Many experts recommend that you use 1 tablespoon per 70 kg of body weight. Use in a powdered form  in different bakery products like a muffin. You can add their seed to the salad as a topping. As poppy seeds contain opioids, so it develops dependency. Overconsumption of poppy seeds causes many harmful results.

Best way of taking khaskhash:

As poppy seeds have too many positive effects on our health. They can be taken in different ways such as orally or topically. Orally, we use it by soaking them overnight in water and taking it in the morning in an empty stomach. It can also be drunk with milk, honey, dessert, or in fruit juices. But soaking them overnight before drinking is very important for a healthy metabolism.

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